Friday, August 28, 2015

Back on the Road

Last Thursday I had surgery to correct a deviated septum.  Per doctor's orders the recovery time said no running for 7 days.  Well, that 7 days is up and this morning I was able to get out on the road again.  I only did 6 miles and I ran at a really leisurely pace.  Even taking it easy it wasn't a pleasant run, I'm glad I got out, but it was not a great run.  I've learned over time that taking more than 2 days off means that next run is going to be a rough one.  One rest day at a time is best, at least it is for me.  If I need more rest I can take it easy on a day and then rest the following day.  Two days of rest back-to-back is ok, but my body likes to keep moving and doesn't like extensive rest period.  So, coming off an enforced 7 day break was rough.  I'm hoping this morning's "tune-up run" will help tomorrow's run feel better and smoother and easier.

The Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) is only 58 days away.  Not a ton of time to continue training.  I started my training late and this little break isn't great but I could do it now if I had to.  I would just like the next two months to try to whittle down my time.  Tomorrow will be my first long run in two weeks so I think I'll see how 13 miles feels.  Hopefully better than today's 6.

On the positive side I'm down to 195lbs.  That's down from 203 when I actually started training and consistently eating well.  8 pounds in a month isn't too bad, I'll take it.  With any luck I can remove another 12 to 14 before the MCM, that alone will help the time significantly.  I know I'm not going to beat my 4 hour 29 minute run from my last MCM but the fact that I'm ready to run a marathon (mostly, more time for the surgery to heal will be great) is an accomplishment in and of itself.  Here's to continued training, health and not falling off the freaking bus this time around.  Getting back into shape just sucks!  

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